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The New Zealand Film Commission

France, Nadine(2011-01-01)


This case examines the New Zealand Film Commission, New Zealand’s chief film funding body. Established in 1978 and predominantly government funded, the Commission is tasked with promoting and funding films with a significant New Zealand content. While it has had some notable success, it has been the subject of intense criticism from film makers, particularly director Peter Jackson who accused the NZFC of being ‘producer led’ and providing money to those who could ‘fill in the right forms’. In 2009, Jackson was appointed by the National government to review the NZFC and assess whether the Commission’s polices of funding, professional development and marketing were effective. The case gives students an overview of the history of the NZFC, the film funding options offered New Zealand film makers, and the structure of the organisation. Students can identify the business model of the NZFC and assess whether this is effective within the modern film industry. This case can also work as a companion piece to the The Film Industry: An Overview, which gives insight into the Hollywood film industry. Note: Taken from Secondary sources.

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Case Description
Business Case Study NoUA-2011-008
Number of Pages25
CategoryCase study
Teaching NotesNo
CompanyNew Zealand Film Commission (NZFC)
Setting - CountryNew Zealand
Setting - CityWellington
IndustryCreative industries; Media

SourceAuckland, NZ. Publisher: University of Auckland Business Case Centre. Pages: 1 - 26