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Red Eagle Corporation (B)

Dunn, Wendell(2009-01-01)


The Red Eagle case series presents a broad range of background information and issues regarding the formation and growth of the New Zealand firm Just Water. The (B) case details a ban-instigated financial crisis facing the firm and invites discussion of just what has happened and why. It explores issues such as the cash intensity of the business model; the dynamics of growth; alternatives in financing growth; the nature of banking relationships; and the impacts of accounting policy on the financial performance. This case should be used in conjunction with case (A) Red Eagle Corporation, UA-2006-002, available from the University of Auckland Business Case Centre.

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Case Description
Business Case Study NoUA-2009-019
Number of Pages10
CompanyRed Eagle Corporation Limited; Just Water

SourceAuckland, NZ. Publisher: University of Auckland Business Case Centre. Pages: 1 - 11