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David Trubridge : Designing for the world

Morris, Kevin(2008-01-01)


At the time of this case, David Trubridge was a designer who had established his name in New Zealand but clearly had ambitions beyond these shores. A trip to the world's leading furniture show in Italy proved to be a rewarding experience, and provided him with a rapid introduction to how the industry works on the global stage. With one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers interested in manufacturing his Body Raft 2000 design, Trubridge was ultimately confronted with an offer that would require him to surrender worldwide rights to the product in return for royalty payments. Given the nature of Cappellini as a premium brand, the sales volumes of the product were likely to be limited. When Trubridge finally received the details of the offer (via a short fax from Italy), he wondered whether there was any room for him to negotiate the offer, and whether the association with Capellini would truly provide him with further opportunities. Would a known brand simply strip the intellectual property from his hands? The case was written for students to learn the dynamics of IP and the tensions facing entrepreneurs as they take their work to global markets. How does a designer from New Zealand become a global name, and what are the strategic options for selling their wares?.

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Case Description
Business Case Study NoUA-2008-002
Number of Pages15
CategoryDecision point; Teaching case
Setting - CountryNew Zealand

SourceAuckland, NZ. Publisher: University of Auckland Business Case Centre. Pages: 1 - 16