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Ports of Auckland Ltd : From local authority to commercial company

Trewby, Mary(2005-01-01)


This case investigates the development of New Zealand’s largest port company, Ports of Auckland Ltd. Surveying the history of the port and the waterfront area, the case examines the ways in which the organisation was shaped by both changes in its external environment, as well as the pressures and demands of its various stakeholder groups. Established in 1871 as the Auckland Harbour Board, with assets inherited from the Auckland Provincial Council, the company was run by an elected board. In its 117 years in existence, the Board undertook extensive reclamation and development works that reshaped the Waitemata Harbour mudflats into the thriving deep-sea port with container and conventional shipping facilities that Auckland is in 2005; consolidated coastal and Pacific services at Onehunga; provided vital port services (including towage and pilotage), and developed a strong revenue stream from its property holdings. The company has continually redeveloped and upgraded port facilities to accommodate the ever larger container vessels being used worldwide and it has established inland ports in order to provide supply chain solutions beyond the port boundary—a move in line with overseas trends towards increased vertical integration by ports. As both a provider of infrastructure for importers and exporters and as a major commercial entity in its own right, Ports of Auckland has continued to make a significant contribution to the region’s and the nation’s economic prosperity.

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Case Description
Business Case Study NoUA-2005-023
Number of Pages19
CategoryHistorical narrative; Teaching case
CompanyPorts of Auckland Limited
Setting - CountryNew Zealand
Setting - CityAuckland

SourceAuckland, NZ. Publisher: University of Auckland Business Case Centre. Pages: 1 - 20