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New Zealand Post : Banking on growth


New Zealand Post Limited (NZ Post) had provided mail services for more than 160 years and was one of the few postal organisations in the world operating in a deregulated market. While mail services were referred to as the engine room of NZ Post, there was an awareness of the decreasing trend in traditional mail and the need to address that trend. Hence a deliberate decision was made to diversify NZ Post’s business around a central theme of “connecting people”. This strategy led to the introduction of various services; the establishment of Kiwibank. Despite opposition from a number of parties, Kiwibank has achieved significant growth, and established a profitable business in only three years of operations. Thus the question arises: ‘Is this a sensible approach to strategic entrepreneurship, or are there other alternatives that would serve New Zealand Post better?’.


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Case Description
Business Case Study NoUA-2005-019
Number of Pages19
CategoryHistorical narrative; Teaching case
Teaching NotesTeaching notes available
CompanyNew Zealand Post Limited; Kiwibank
Setting - CountryNew Zealand
Setting - CityWellington

SourceAuckland, NZ. Publisher: University of Auckland Business Case Centre. Pages: 1 - 20