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Lilly New Zealand : Building a new organisation

Blake, I(2002-01-01)


The case focuses on a small affiliate of a large United States multinational in the pharmaceutical industry. The New Zealand affiliate of Eli Lilly and Company Limited is experiencing changes in its marketplace. The affiliate needs to focus on improved service delivery and a greater ability to form profitable partnerships with customers and players. The recent patent expiry of its blockbuster product, Prozac, would halve the previous year's sales. The scope of the change incorporates the planning and implementation of a new organisational structure to leverage sales and marketing to meet the new challenges. The case follows the New Zealand Human Resources Manager, Judy Snowdon, through the organisational change process. Note: Lilly New Zealand : Building a new organisation. Case Centre Teaching note, Reference no. 402-005-8..


Case Description
CategoryCase study
Number of Pages8
Teaching NotesYes
CompanyLilly New Zealand; Eli Lilly
Setting - CountryNew Zealand; International
IndustryBiotechnology; Manufacturing

SourceCase Centre Case Reference no 402-005-1. (2002-01-01). Cranfield, UK. Pages: 1 - 9