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Fishery Products International Ltd ; A new challenge

Rowe, WHynes, T(2001-01-01)


Fishery Products International (FPI) is one of the largest seafood companies in North America. FPI has experienced its best performance in a decade and has recently survived a hostile takeover bid by three competitors who acted in concert. The chief executive officer (CEO) has just returned from New Zealand where he was visiting a major competitor to see if there was the possibility of a strategic alliance. The CEO knew he had to do something to prevent another hostile takeover and to continue to grow shareholder value while still maintaining the social conscience of FPI. Some of the issues facing FPI were: performance, strategic leadership and corporate governance, and implementing an integrated product differentiation/cost leadership strategy. Related: Fishery Products International Ltd : A new challenge, Case Centre Teaching note Reference no. 8B01M31.


Case Description
CategoryCase study
Number of Pages39
Teaching NotesYes
CompanyFishery Products International (FPI)
Setting - CountryNew Zealand; Canada
IndustryFood and beverage; Fisheries

SourceCase Centre Case Reference no 9B01M031. (2001-01-01). London, Ontario, Canada. Pages: 1 - 40