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Chard Farm : a New Zealand vineyard

Henderson, Karen(2001-01-01)


Chard Farm is a small, privately owned New Zealand vineyard and winery company since 1987 in the Otago region. This 12-hectare operation manufactures varietal wines for both domestic and international markets. This case study examines three primary issues; Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Quality Management. It is suitable for undergraduates in commerce, business management, operations management, marketing and tourism. While it incorporates a wide variety of issues, including some service industry aspects, emphasis has been placed on capacity and scheduling; supply and logistics; and quality issues of the operation. The case portrays how this small operation has adopted a holistic perspective to its operation, integrating the strengths of both manufacturing and service aspects to compete successfully in a highly competitive marketplace. From the information provided in the case, students should be able to analyse these issues, identifying how Chard Farm maximises its strengths and mitigates the effects of any weaknesses in their operation. Bearing in mind the details of the case, students have the potential to offer suggestions on how further improvements can be made to both the vineyard and winery operations. This case contains colour exhibits. Notes: To maximise their effectiveness, colour items should be printed in colour. Related: Chard Farm : a New Zealand vineyard TN, Case Centre Teaching note Reference no. 601-022-8.


Case Description
CategoryCase study
Number of Pages9
Teaching NotesYes
CompanyChard Farm Vineyard
Setting - CountryNew Zealand; International
Setting - CityGibbston, Otago
IndustryFood and beverage

SourceCase Centre Case Reference no 601-022-1. (2001-01-01). Dunedin. Pages: 1 - 10