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  • Forestry Corporation of New Zealand

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    This case study describes the planting and over-supply of timber in New Zealand that led the industry to seek international markets for radiata pine and the eventual creation of the State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Forestry Corporation of New Zealand in ...

  • The New Zealand wine industry

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    The case study gives a history of the wine industry in New Zealand and places it within an international context. It outlines the hurdles involved with growing the industry, including social concerns, excise tax, deregulation and international competition. The case ...

  • Clear Communications Ltd vs Telecom Corp of New Zealand Ltd (B)

    Emmons, W Calles, M (1998-01-01)

    Discusses the changes in the New Zealand telecommunications market during 1989 - 1994. Supplements the following cases: Case Centre Case reference no. 9-798-085 Clear Communications vs Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd (A)and Case Reference no 601-32-1 Clear Communications Limited ...