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  • Management : Perspectives for New Zealand

    Inkson, Kerr Kolb, Darl (1998-01-01)

    A text on management in New Zealand including case studies throughout the book on the following organisations: All Blacks, Aotearoa Television Network, ASB Bank, Auckland Meat Processors, Caltex New Zealand, Clear Communications, Cocoa Cola (Amatil) New Zealand, Communicado, DB Bitter ...

  • International marketing of New Zealand venison

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    Development of the New Zealand venison export market began with wild venison but numbers were controlled to the point of serious depletion. During this same time exports of New Zealand venison (cervina) and velvet were growing fast and from 1969 ...

  • Calox Machinery Corporation (A) and (B)

    Neidell, Lester (1994-01-01)

    Mike Brown, the International Sales Manager for Calox, has terminated his New Zealand distributor, Glade Industries, but Glade is contesting the decision and threatening legal action. Calox management is divided on whether to stand by Brown or to rescind the ...

  • Wired Wellington : The info city project and the city link network

    Huff, Sid (1996-01-01)

    As a central component of its Vision 2020 strategy, the city of Wellington, New Zealand has developed preliminary plans to transform itself into a "wired city." The overarching project was called Info City. Info City actually consisted of a collection ...

  • Gallagher Electronics Limited

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    In 1989 New Zealand companies accounted for about 20 per cent of world production for electric fences and more than 50 per cent of world exports of electric fencing products. This case study discusses the development of electric fences in ...