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  • Calox Machinery Corporation (A) and (B)

    Neidell, Lester (1994-01-01)

    Mike Brown, the International Sales Manager for Calox, has terminated his New Zealand distributor, Glade Industries, but Glade is contesting the decision and threatening legal action. Calox management is divided on whether to stand by Brown or to rescind the ...

  • Tenon Developments Limited

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    In the mid-1980s Dr Corran McLachlan, a government scientist with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), initiated research into the removal of fat from meat and the removal of cholesterol from butter. In 1989 the joint venture company ...

  • Woolrest International Limited

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    The case study describes an entrepreneurial company that developed a key product - the Woolrest sleeper underlay - and sold this product to five overseas markets. In 1985 Woolrest International Limited was bought out by Jarden Corporation. In 1987 there ...

  • The strategy of the New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    This case study describes the evolution of the Kiwifruit industry in relation to international markets, the production process and the creation of the New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board (NZKMB). The NZKMB was established to maximise returns to kiwifruit growers by ...

  • Tait Electronics Limited

    Enderwick, Peter Akoorie, Michele (1996-01-01)

    Tait Electronics Limited (TEL) is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of mobile radio equipment. The company founder and managing director is Angus Tait. The challenge facing Angus Tait and TEL is how to take advantage of the European and Asian markets ...