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  • Ruakura milk harvester

    Winsley, Peter Gilbertson, Dai Couchman, Paul (2001-01-01)

    Innovative fire alarm and fire protection control system, has two major customers and no longer a direct link with the contracting side of the business. There is no satisfactory customer feedback for input into product development

  • Finding solutions to staffing problems

    Inkson, Kerr Kolb, Darl (2002-01-01)

    Personnel Solutions specialises in the recruitment of temporary and permanent staff for office support and management staff to businesses in the Auckland area. It has a team of eight and seeks to gain competitive advantage over other consultancies by focusing ...

  • The People in the property company

    Inkson, Kerr Kolb, Darl (2002-01-01)

    Deborah Kelland founded Kelland's Real Estate as a boutique operation to pursue the niche markets for commercial property, luxury homes, inner-city apartments and beachfront lifestyle properties in the greater Auckland area. The aim of the company is to 'look ...

  • Finding a place in a tough environment

    Inkson, Kerr Kolb, Darl (2002-01-01)

    Philips Consumer Communications (PCC) is the New Zealand division of Philips Group based in the Netherlands. The business is seeking a toe-hold in niche markets for telephones against heavy competition of Telecom, Vodafone, Clear and Telstra, by using the 'excellent ...

  • NIWA responds to major external change

    Inkson, Kerr Kolb, Darl (2002-01-01)

    The New Zealand Government restructured the government funded science and technology services into Crown Research institutes (CRI) to make them more responsive to market opportunities. Once CRI, NIWA (National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research) was restructured to ...