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  • Kinloch industries

    Sisley, Richard (2000-01-01)

    Kinloch industries a light engineering assembly and packaging plant in Papatoetoe, manufactures and assembles a variety of components and finished products under contract. This case deals with employment issues of a multicultural workforce. Includes questions for discussion

  • The Great Kiwi Carpet Bag Company

    Wright, J. Nevan (2000-01-01)

    The Great Kiwi Carpet Bag Company is jointly owned by Patrick Chong, and Bart Simpson to import bags manufactured from carpets from China for sale in New Zealand and Australia. The case study raises deficiencies in organisational structure and planning. ...

  • The Horticulture and Food Research Institute

    Pavlovich, Kathryn Clark, Delwyn N (2000-01-01)

    The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand Ltd (HortResearch) was a scientific research company with expertise in plant science, food science and engineering. In August 1998, the corporate strategy manager of HortResearch, Dorian Scott, was reviewing the company’s ...

  • Annie's place

    Verreynne, Martie-Louise (2000-01-01)

    Annie's Place a central Auckland shop for pottery and home furnishings that Annie Roberts made and sold in her shop. The shop expanded to stores throughout New Zealand and Australia. Discusses management style and practices in a fast expanding ...

  • Tait Electronics Ltd

    McCarthy, Ken (2000-01-01)

    In June 1999, Angus Tait became a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to technology, manufacturing and exporting. He is synonymous with Tait Electronics, the company he has led for 30 years. Although he recently ...