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  • A Celestial union!

    Walters, Craig (2001-01-01)

    Code sharing airlines such as the Star Alliance network has been established to provide seamless travel to the customers. There is also the advantage of a single airline providing a world wide service to the traveller. Includes questions ...

  • Air NZ

    Walters, Craig (2001-01-01)

    The marketing environment of Air New Zealand is described with an analysis of the effects of external environmental factors on its image. Includes questions for dicussion

  • Alatal 821 innovation

    Winsley, Paul Gilbertson, Dai Couchman, Paul (2001-01-01)

    Alatal 821 a whey protein made from milk protein and used in infant, sports and hospital formulae. Jointly developed by New Zealand Milk Products Limited at its California premises, Whey Products Limited an New Zealand Dairy Research Institute (NZDRI) ...

  • America!

    Walters, Craig (2001-01-01)

    Three New Zealand companies have exported to South America for more than 20 years (New Zealand Dairy Board, Fletcher Challenge and Carter Holt Harvey). Trade New Zealand (now New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) is represented in Chile and Brazil. ...

  • ASDi variable speed drive

    Winsley, Peter Gilbertson, Dai Couchman, Paul (2001-01-01)

    The ASDi variable speed drive was launched in 1988, developed by PDL Electronics in association with the University of Auckland Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It created a world class competitive edge for PDL Electronics in variable speed ...