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  • The Rugby player and the handbag

    Hooper, Val Macdonald, Jon Huff, Sid (2007-01-01)

    How had a handbag been bought at such a high price of $22,800? Jason speculated with auctions, acquiring goods and then putting them up for auction. In live auctions and also online, such as those hosted by TradeMe. Jason's ...

  • Peter Snell Institute of Sport : Managing growth

    Erakovic, Ljiljana (2007-01-01)

    A case study on the organization of the Peter Snell Institute of Sport (the Institute) established in 2000 by a group of friends in New Zealand (closed in 2009 during the global financial crisis). The Institute aspired to help identify ...

  • Update and modernise

    Poushin, Saam Hooper, Val (2007-01-01)

    Peter Thomas was the head of Information Technology (IT) of the legal firm Hamilton, Brown and Caruthers. Having already done a great deal of updating and modernising of the firm's IT infrastructure, the next project would be the standardisation ...

  • The New Zealand Racing Board

    Hooper, Val (2007-01-01)

    The newly formed New Zealand Racing Board had moved swiftly. The first strategic meeting was to be held at the end of February 2005. That had given Warwick Wright, General Manager of Technical Services less that three weeks ...

  • Arresting knowledge in the Bay of Plenty Police

    Sewell, Julian Hooper, Tony (2007-01-01)

    A visitor had come to complain to a police officer, a Gary Smith, who had been a policeman for thirty-one years about the police's handling of a burglary of their home. Gary was trying to implement change to reduce ...